standard key features:

  • Compact extruded aluminum frame
  • Polypropylene structural support
  • PVC Schedule 80 plumbing
  • Isolation valves to simplify filter replacement
  • Commercial grade 2.5" x 20" Pre-filter
  • Commercial grade 2.5" x 20" Post-filter
  • Differential pressure gauges for filter housing
  • .5 HP stainless steel multistage pump
  • Pressure regulator valve for incoming water
  • Nema electrical enclosure
  • 110 Volt Power required (other voltage available)
  • PLC controlled
  • Green illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • 24 volt control voltage
  • Low pressure switch to protect pump


  • Resistivity indicator light(s)
  • Digital Resistivity Meter
  • Analog Flow Meter (0 - 10 GPM)
  • Analog Flow Totalizer (GPM)
  • Polypropylene Spill Containment Tray
  • Leak Detection Source Water Shut-off
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Assembly

functional specifications:

  • Flow rate:  0 - 10 GPM
  • Output pressure:  20 to 40 PSI (Adjustable)
  • Water Quality:  Dependent on DI Tank configuration (17.5+ Megohm).

RCDI - RECIRCULATING di water system:


RCDI is a recirculating DI Water System that does not require a tank.  DI Water is recirculated through the DI Tank and facilities loop to keep the water constantly recirculating.  Allowing the water to constantly recirculate provide the water with multiple passes through the DI Tanks to improve water quality.  As water is used in the process, make up water is automatically added into the loop.  The RCDI is a cost effective tool to generate high quality DI water.

innovative water purification systems

Reverse Osmosis, Deionized Water, Carbon, and DI Water Heating