innovative water purification systems

Reverse Osmosis, Deionized Water, Carbon, and DI Water Heating


  • Polypropylene Cabinet / Smoked acrylic doors
  • Integrated chemical storage (leak detection)
  • Powder coated steel frame supports
  • Isolation valves to simplify filter replacement
  • Commercial grade Pre and Post-filters
  • Differential pressure gauges for filter housing
  • Mixing flow meter
  • Discharge flow meter
  • Polypropylene mag drive pump(s)
  • Nema electrical enclosure
  • PLC controlled
  • Color touchscreen
  • Green illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • 24 volt control voltage
  • Proximity level switches
  • Pressure gauges for system output
  • Solenoid valve to control effluent discharge
  • Digital pH monitor (pulse proportion pumping rates)
  • Chemical injection metering pumps
  • Probe located in cabinet plumbing (easy calibration)
  • High level shutoff (with output signal to communicate with upstream tools).


  • Extruded aluminum frame w/leveling legs
  • Light tower
  • Digital chart recording
  • 200 to 700 Gallon storage tank
  • Media pre-filtration

functional specifications:

  • Flow rate:  0 - 40 GPM (Depends on size of system)
  • Output pressure:  20 to 40 PSI (Adjustable)
  • Range:  Flow rate, pH range, and the nature of the effluent must be considered when sizing the system.


REsys offers single and dual stage neutralization systems.  The REsys approach is unique, we use a pump for mixing as well as moving the effluent.  Pump mixing is for more effective a mixing than traditional paddles mixers.  Phase separation is minimized and particulate filters can be added to remove solids during the precipitation process.