innovative water purification systems

Reverse Osmosis, Deionized Water, Carbon, and DI Water Heating

standard key features:

  • White polypropylene cabinet constructions (integrated water storage tank).
  • .075 HP stainless steel multistage pump
  • CPVC Schedule 80 plumbing
  • High temperature 4.5" x 10" filter housing
  • Differential pressure gauges for filter housing
  • Stainless steel float switches
  • 0 - 10 GPM flow meter
  • Stainless steel spiral heat exchanger
  • In-Line Booster Heater (30, 45, 54 kW Versions)
  1. Digital PID Controller
  2. Solid State Relay Controls
  3. In-line flow sensor
  • UL 508A Control Panel
  • High level protection and alarms
  • PLC Controls
  • High level output signal (interface with other tools)

functional specifications:


  • Flow rate:  0 - 10 GPM
  • Output pressure:  70 PSI (Max.)
  • Buffer storage tank (Integrated):  35 gallons


  • 30, 45, 54 kW versions available (Consult REsys for sizing)

HXS - Heat exchange heat recovery package:


The HXS is an efficient DI water heating system for applications that require a steady supply of heated DI water.  Typically where there is a steady input flow rate there is an equal output flow rate.  The HXS takes the output flow that is heated and pushes it through a heat exchanger to transfer the thermal energy into the DI water bound for the process.  Once the DI water has passed through the heat exchanger, it enters the In-line booster heater to meet the final temperature requirement.  The HXS is an elegant method of taking cool DI water, and heating to the required set point.  By utilizing a heat exchanger, as much 75% less thermal energy is required versus simply using a booster heater.

The HXS functions like a Transfer Station and DI Water Heater integrated into a single PLC controlled platform.